React Development

React Development

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Welcome to our React Development course! Dive into the world of cutting-edge web development with our comprehensive curriculum. From React fundamentals to advanced techniques, you’ll gain hands-on experience building dynamic, responsive applications. Harness the power of React components, state management, and more.

Elevate your skills and stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Join us on this transformative learning journey and become a proficient React developer. Unlock your potential with StackCode Training Institute.

What You’ll Learn From This Course

Course Curriculum

1. Overview of React.js
2. React.js vs Other JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries
3. The Virtual DOM and its Significance
4. Components and JSX Syntax
5. State and Props in React
6. React Component Lifecycle
7. React Hooks: useState and useEffect
8. Event Handling in React
9. Conditional Rendering in React
10. Introduction to React Router for Navigation

1. Functional Components vs Class Components
2. Destructuring Props and State
3. Component Composition in React
4. Props Children and Prop Types
5. Higher-Order Components (HOCs)
6. Render Props Pattern
7. Styling in React (CSS-in-JS Libraries)
8. Theming and Styling Best Practices
9. Stateless Functional Components
10. React Fragments and the Fragment Component

1. Local State Management with useState
2. Managing Complex State with useReducer
3. Context API for Global State
4. Props Drilling and Lifting State Up
5. Immutability and Immer for State Updates
6. Redux Overview and Basic Concepts
7. Actions, Reducers, and Store in Redux
8. Connecting React with Redux
9. Asynchronous State Updates with Redux Thunk
10. State Management Best Practices

1. Controlled Components vs Uncontrolled Components
2. Form Handling in React
3. Form Validation and Error Handling
4. File Uploads in React
5. Working with Refs in React
6. Building Dynamic Forms
7. Handling Complex Form State
8. Formik for Form Management
9. React Hook Form for Form Validation
10. Integrating Forms with State Management Libraries

1. Setting Up React Router
2. Route Parameters and Query Strings
3. Nested Routes and Route Guards
4. Programmatic Navigation in React Router
5. Route Animation and Transitions
6. Handling 404 Not Found Pages
7. Server-Side Rendering (SSR) with React Router
8. Lazy Loading Routes with React Suspense
9. React Navigation Patterns
10. Navigation Best Practices

1. Making API Requests in React
2. Fetch API vs Axios for Data Fetching
3. Handling Loading and Error States
4. Consuming RESTful APIs in React
5. GraphQL Overview and Queries in React
6. Apollo Client for GraphQL in React
7. Mocking APIs for Development
8. Authentication and Authorization with APIs
9. Real-Time Data with WebSockets in React
10. Data Caching and Optimizing API Calls

1. Introduction to Testing Library and Jest
2. Unit Testing React Components
3. Snapshot Testing in React
4. Testing React Hooks
5. Mocking External Dependencies in Tests
6. Integration Testing in React
7. End-to-End Testing with Cypress
8. Continuous Integration (CI) for React Projects
9. Debugging React Applications
10. Performance Testing and Optimization

1. Render Props Pattern
2. Higher-Order Components (HOCs)
3. Hooks in Depth (useMemo, useCallback, useContext)
4. Custom Hooks and Reusability
5. Compound Components Pattern
6. React Context Best Practices
7. Error Boundaries in React
8. Portals and Advanced DOM Manipulation
9. Integrating with Third-Party Libraries
10. Code Splitting and Lazy Loading

1. Introduction to Server-Side Rendering (SSR)
2. Benefits and Challenges of SSR
3. Configuring Next.js for SSR
4. Data Fetching in Next.js
5. Dynamic Routes and API Routes
6. Static Site Generation (SSG) in Next.js
7. Optimizing Performance with Next.js
8. Deployment Strategies for Next.js Apps
9. Internationalization (i18n) in Next.js
10. Migrating an Existing React App to Next.js

1. Planning and Architecture of Real-World Projects
2. Project Setup and Configuration
3. Building a CRUD Application
4. Integrating Authentication and Authorization
5. State Management in Real-World Apps
6. Optimizing Performance in Large React Apps
7. Responsive Design and Cross-Browser Compatibility
8. Accessibility (a11y) in React Applications
9. Deployment Strategies for Production
10. Maintenance and Updates of React Projects


Prove your proficiency in React development with our certification. Gain industry recognition for your skills and propel your career forward with StackCode.

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6 Month








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