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Graphics Design

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Welcome to our Graphics Design course! Unleash your creativity as you delve into the world of graphic design. This comprehensive program covers essential design principles, industry-standard software proficiency, and hands-on projects. Explore the art of visual communication, from concept to execution.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our expert-led curriculum ensures you master the tools and techniques needed to create stunning designs. Elevate your creativity and embark on a journey of visual storytelling with our Graphics Design course.

What You’ll Learn From This Course

Course Curriculum

1. Understanding the Role of Graphics Design
2. Overview of Graphic Design Software (Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, etc.)
3. Importance of Visual Communication
4. Historical Overview of Graphic Design
5. Fundamentals of Design Principles
6. Introduction to Typography
7. Color Theory and Application
8. Basics of Composition and Layout
9. Current Trends in Graphic Design
10. Ethics and Professionalism in Graphic Design

1. Adobe Photoshop Essentials
2. Adobe Illustrator Basics
3. CorelDRAW Fundamentals
4. Introduction to Sketch and Figma
5. Understanding the Interface and Tools
6. Working with Layers and Objects
7. Image Editing Techniques
8. Vector Graphics and Illustrations
9. Typography Tools and Techniques
10. Exporting and File Formats in Graphic Design Software

1. Layout and Composition
2. Balance in Design
3. Emphasis and Focal Points
4. Contrast and Repetition
5. Unity and Harmony
6. Proportion and Scale
7. White Space Utilization
8. Color Harmony and Schemes
9. Typography in Design
10. Applying Design Principles in Real-world Projects

1. Understanding Branding and Brand Identity
2. Creating Logos and Logotypes
3. Color Psychology in Branding
4. Typography in Brand Identity
5. Designing Business Cards and Stationery
6. Packaging Design Principles
7. Creating Style Guides
8. Case Studies in Successful Branding
9. Designing for Various Industries
10. Client Communication and Brief Analysis

1. Introduction to Web Design
2. Principles of UI (User Interface) Design
3. UX (User Experience) Design Fundamentals
4. Wireframing and Prototyping Tools
5. Designing Responsive Interfaces
6. Navigation and Information Architecture
7. Color and Typography in UI Design
8. Interactive Design Elements
9. Usability Testing
10. Trends in Web and UI/UX Design

1. Basics of Print Design
2. Designing for Print vs. Digital
3. Layouts for Brochures and Flyers
4. Magazine and Editorial Design
5. Book Cover Design
6. Designing Posters and Banners
7. Print Production Techniques
8. Preparing Files for Print
9. Working with Print Service Providers
10. Case Studies in Print Design

1. Overview of Advertising Design
2. Creating Effective Ad Campaigns
3. Designing Marketing Collaterals
4. Social Media Graphics
5. Outdoor and Indoor Advertising
6. Email Newsletter Design
7. Designing for Product Packaging
8. Creating Infographics for Marketing
9. Designing for Events and Promotions
10. Analytics and Metrics in Design

1. Introduction to Motion Graphics
2. Basics of Animation Principles
3. Using Animation Software (Adobe After Effects, etc.)
4. Storyboarding for Animation
5. Kinetic Typography
6. Creating Animated Logos
7. Incorporating Animation in Web Design
8. 3D Animation Concepts
9. Audio and Video Integration in Motion Graphics
10. Case Studies in Motion Graphics

1. Advanced Image Editing and Manipulation
2. Advanced Vector Illustration Techniques
3. 3D Modeling Basics
4. Augmented Reality (AR) Design
5. Virtual Reality (VR) Design Principles
6. Advanced Color Correction and Grading
7. Designing for Accessibility
8. Designing for Emerging Technologies
9. Design Thinking and Problem-Solving
10. Exploring Experimental Design

1. Building a Graphic Design Portfolio
2. Creating an Online Presence (Website, Behance, Dribbble, etc.)
3. Networking in the Design Community
4. Freelancing vs. Full-time Employment
5. Client Communication and Collaboration
6. Pricing and Contracts in Graphic Design
7. Time Management and Project Workflow
8. Continuous Learning and Skill Development
9. Staying Updated with Design Trends
10. Career Paths and Opportunities in Graphic Design


Certify your Graphics Design skills with StackCode. Showcase your creativity and proficiency in graphic design, opening new doors in the design industry.

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6 Month








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